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        Coman Photo Equipment(Zhongshan)Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, specializing

        in the production of photography and video equipment. It’s located in Tanzhou town,

        Zhongshan city of South Guangdong province, which is the most developed photo

        equipments industrial area in China. It is predominantly location next to Zhuhai

        city and Macau, belongs to pearl river delta economic region, a very good location.

        HM series wireless control follow focus slider

        One-click "smart" mobile imaging black technology

        • HM80S/HM100S 11-242021 HM80S/HM100S

          Intelligent multi-control dynamic mobile multi-mode to achieve wireless creativity, stable, compact, high-load-bearing portable, universal high-lightweight controller, new definition, intelligent control and diversified shooting functions, making movies more flexible, easy to use, powerful time-lapse photography capabilities, long battery life and indulge in shooting high-light moments!